A new era begins: I bought a new laptop!

Lemme tell you a story which might justify why I haven’t been posting anything lately…

I was at work few days ago downloading fapping material and stuff (Fapping material is a joke… Or is it? :P)… I went to ask my boss about something and went back with a dead laptop that wouldn’t turn on AT ALL…

I actually gave up on my 4~5 years old laptop which, after few hours, it came back to life =D

That’s where I realized that I will need a newer cheap laptop till 2010 (Or atleast when laptops gets stuffed with USB3)…

So I passed by Eureka and X-CITE to check their Netbook deals… That’s where I spotted my laptop and literally fell in love with it’s green, glowing power button and isolated keyboard…

In any event, here’s pictures of my abused laptop (Which I’m still using to download stuff… I’ll turn it into my lab rat once I go back home):

The monitor is literally broken (Explains the lines)… And because of that, it displays an inverted view of my screen… I have to squeeze the monitor just to fix the colors (And actually stuff the frame with some shrink pipes)…

Oh, the cat… I was bored…

And my charger is messed up, I had to turn it into a live bomb… I wonder which wire should I cut to disarm the bomb 😛

As you can see, the monitor jack you see is literally busted… Nothing attaches it to the main chassis which is why I’m holding the monitor with another shrink pipe 😛

And the other joint is barely attached 😛

Oh my… It’s so dirteeeeh… So dirty that the dirt won’t get wiped away!!

Now, you’ve seen how I suffer everyday with this laptop… It has sentimental value ofcourse, which is why I’ll be abusing it when I move back to my house…

In the mean time, check out my new laptop… I call it “Max”:

My reason for actually loving Max

Hope you enjoyed the show =D … I’m still struggling to get used to this laptop and install my stuff in it (Which means I’ll have to format it atleast for 10 times till I get things right)… So until then, wait for more weird stuff =D

11 thoughts on “A new era begins: I bought a new laptop!

  1. Well first, sorry you had to let go of the old one. Then Congratz on the new one, it looks good.
    And be sure we’ll be waiting for so many weird stuff 😛
    Enjoy Max.

  2. I’m not letting go on it… I’m just keeping it to download my stuff…

    I’ll turn it into a literal lab rat soon… ABUSE WHILE YOU USE!!! *RAWR*

  3. May your old one rest in peace and may god be with MAX don’t let them meet each other or max will run away :P.

  4. lol
    loolykinns: mbrok 3la al laptop alydyd
    noods: isn’t frenando a name from prison break.

  5. Noodz:

    Oh boy… Tough luck…

    Long Hair Dude:
    Thanks =D

    Press CTRL+F5 to force real refresh… And no… No Macs for me (More like, no more Apple products… I just busted my old iPod’s screen out of rage 😛 )

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