Let’s scrap this saf… What’s that? 100,000 Euros!?

Lucky scrapers… And well mannered as well… Hats off people…

Some safe was sent to be scraped in Berlin (Germany again… Not just one Ger, MANY GERS!!! [Sorry, had to kick this lame joke 😛 ])…

The scrappers found 100,000 Euros inside it and sent’em back to those who wanted to scrap it (Some bank)… WHAT KIND OF STUPID EMPLOYEE\BANK IS THAT!? 100,000 EUROS!?

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the good scrapper guys the employee would’ve been raped 😛

I’m absolutely sure %99.873645398E87653487 that if something similar happened here in Kuwait, the money wouldn’t return (I probably wouldn’t return it myself) 😛

You can find more details in Here.

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