Where can you find GOLD in Japan!?

It’s true what they say: “Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure”… Or something like that 😛

According to REUTERS, A sewage treatment facility in central Japan receives a huge amount of gold through sewers due to precise manufacturing…

The factories uses the Yellow Metal (GOLD) for some electronic components (CPU and RAM contacts for example) and flush what’s not needed down the toilet (Is it a variant of flushing a gold fish? 😛 )… Stupid factories… Just re-check your waste idiots!! 😛

Such waste can carry 1,890 grammes of gold per ton of ashes and whatever while Japan’s Hishikari Mine, one of the world’s top gold mines, can extract 20~40 grammes per ton of ore…

Bad thing we don’t have such factories here in Kuwait… I wouldn’t mind digging gold in our sewer… Who knows, I’m sure I’d find interesting stuff 😛

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One thought on “Where can you find GOLD in Japan!?

  1. I am ready to do so if there is a chance of finding functional PCs and Laptops!! Probably I’d wear gloves and a parasuit or anything 😀

    Hey, …then that’s how Mario got rich, aaahah, you little,… playing in the sewer huh?!

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