Free MMO NFS!?

EA is starting to impress me recently (Specially since the Steam move)…

I’m not going to talk about it more since I’m not an NFS person (I LOVE GRAN TURISMO), but it’s really interesting that I would give it a shot too…

I’m sure the “Al-Dawri Al-Yabany (Which refers to Winning Eleven)” and “Underground” layer of Kuwaiti Youth will be obsessed about such arcade game (Which would be one of the reasons not to play this game)…

And yes, PC ONLY (so far)… Sorry console guys 😛

Click here for more details.

4 thoughts on “Free MMO NFS!?

  1. Hey you’ve just reminded me! MUST PLAY BURNOUT PARADISE CITY!!! it’s the best one I’ve played till now! THAT’S WHAT I THINK!

  2. NFS is the shit …. gran turismo 5 is an urban myth…. prologue was just made to get people to buy a ps3 ….

  3. neoark:
    <,< Anxious Nut: It's a fun game... I still prefer Gran Turismo KTDP: yes... NFS is the shit... It stinks!!... Thanks for supporting my opinion 😛

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