Kuwaiti Algorithm

That’s right. Apparently, there’s an algorithm called “The Kuwaiti Algorithm”. I assure you, it’s not as retarded as you think at all!

When I first read the title I was like “What the!?” and I thought of it as an awful joke since it’s in Wikipedia. But turns out to be a real and interesting thing actually.

It’s some sort of algorithm that converts Hijri to Gregorian calendars. Noting that Hijri is lunar-based and Gregorian is solar-based, Hijri is hard to precisely calculate because it depends on the moon’s vision and that is usually declared by religious authorities (Ramadan and Adhha perhaps?).

So someone used a large statistical amount of Hijri dates in Kuwait and came up with this algorithm. Might be a couple of days off the real calendar, but that’s an awesome job actually!

Wikipedia page

2 thoughts on “Kuwaiti Algorithm

  1. 1. مبارك عليكم الشهر وتقبل الله طاعتكم.
    2. When I first saw the coin, I thought that the algorithm was used to describe the image engraved in it. something like http://bit.ly/rtsmpu but more algorithmic. but reinventing the wheel is cool too 🙂

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