[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: The internet is slow #3

This post might be a bit racist. If you can’t handle racism, I advise you to skip reading this.

OK, there’s this specific family name that when you hear\read it you go “Oh man, I’ll have hard time breaking things down to the customer”.
In Kuwait, we make jokes about their stupidity double the amount people in Western cultures make jokes about blonds. I think whoever reads this have figured the name out xD

Now, I’m not saying they’re dumb. But they’re dumb.

Well, not all of’em anyway. I encountered few that what they knew is what I’ll learn in the next 5 years at least. But the majority are just hard to break things down to them.

This call goes sometime in December 2009. The customer kept on calling with no success to get through because it was night, we’ve just recovered from a major issue and the queue is just high. I had to sign out and call him directly to get through. I checked his details and turned out that I personally dealt with him 3 times explaining his exact same complain three times! The customer subscribed for 6MB, and his downlo… I’ll get to that point in the call.

Anyway, the call goes like this:

Customer: Yes, Why’s the internet so slow?
Me: What do you mean by slow?
Customer: I’m downloading from Google and I’m getting 300KBps.
Me: Downloading from Google? Can you tell me what are you downloading from Google please?
Customer: Egyptian movies
*Double facepalming*
Me: Sir, can you explain how just to make sure of me resolution?
Customer: I type the movie’s name in Google, click links and download the movie from Egyptian websites.
Me: Sir, you are downloading from sources that Google linked because you searched for them.
Customer: Yes, I’m downloading from Google!
Me: No, you’re not.

I did break it down to him to the point where he actually felt so dumb.
I repeat, I believe in “People are not born knowing everything”. Having to explain common sense in three calls repeatedly is just absurd!

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