[Migrated from Loolykinns] How I mess with Caribou Coffee Baristas xD

I love sugar, chocolate and coffee. No, I LUUURVE sugar, chocolate and coffee!!

And that fact just freaks the hell out of almost everyone!! (And pisses off diabetics).

Anyway, back in Ramadhan, I used to go to 360’s Caribou and order my magical drink. I wore my cargo pants and whatever geeky t-shirt I can find in my arsenal (Not the soccer team idiots!) I’ll just write down how the conversation goes:
Me: Hello, I’d like to have a Mocha, but it’ll be a bit special. I can customize what syrups I want, right?
Barista: Ofcourse.
Me: Alright, I want Vanilla, Raspberry and Cherry syrups. Two pumps each. And add four espresso shots.
*Barista stares at me*
Me: Is something wrong?
Barista: Are you sure? It’ll be too sweet!
Me: Oh you have no idea. One minute please.
*I go and grab 8 packs of their small brown sugar*
Me: Please add those too.
Barista: And these too!? Trust me, it’ll be too sweet for you!
Me: Trust me, too sweet is never too sweet for me. Add a Reese’s pie.
Barista: Are you absolutely sure!? I’m starting to worry here.
Me: Don’t worry, I’m good really. Add a bottle of water please.
Barista: Alright, that’ll be X.XXXKD sir. You sure about this?
Me: Here you go and yes. Not like it’s my first time having this specific drink.
Barista: You had it elsewhere?
Me: Yes, Caribou Al-Kout and the guy was as confused as you are right now. Nothing new to me.
*Barista started to get more confused*
Barista: Alright, please have a seat and we’ll bring it for you.
Me: That’ll be wonderful. Thanks alot.

Imagine this happens for a week! Well, the questions about me being sure decreases, but the confusion remains if not increases.

After that week, I went to the same Caribou with a shirt, jeans and the conversation went like this:
*Barista confused even more*
Barista: Good to have you back, usual sweet drink?
Me: No, I’d like to have dragon well large sized please and a bottle of water. (Dragon well is one of their green teas)
*The barista is shocked*
Barista: What!? What happened? What’s wrong with you? Is everything alright!? You OK?
Me: What? Oh yea I just want some green tea today.
Barista: No really, What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?
Me: No, I just want my green tea.
Barista: That’s weird, you don’t drink green tea.
Me: Yes I do, and if I didn’t have that now, I’ll switch to my sweet moc
Barista: Oh no no, dragon well large size with water. That’ll be X.XXXKD (He said that relatively fast).
Me: Here you go.
Barista: Have a seat sir, I’ll bring for you in a minute.
Me: Great, gives me time to unpack.
*Left the utterly confused barista to unpack*

In case you’re wondering if I’m having health issues. I assure you, I’m good to go. I checked and my average blood pressure is 100 and sugar level is 5.3

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