Kuwait sky is clearer than I thought!

There was a meteor shower from August 11th to 13 and, well, considering Kuwait’s location, it wouldn’t show properly. Or so I thought.

I got a hint from someone to hit up AlSalmi and do my thing there and, well, things were eyegasmic (Disgusting? Maybe. But still eyegasmic!)

Because Nuwaiseeb wasn’t enough for me, AlSalmi was the perfect spot for me so far. Its so pitch-black that I can see the milky way with naked eyes!

I was overwhelmed that I made mistakes twice! Lesson learned: Never raise ISO more than 100! (At least in my case since ISO400 and ISO800 failed me).

Anyway, check out the pictures I clicked below:

Milkyway [August, 12th, 2012]

Startrail AlSalmi [August 12th, 2012]

More and better will come soon :3

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