Interesting Kickstarter projects for photography

I haven’t been around for the longest time so I decided to write a little something about some notable Kickstarter projects for photography.


It’s one damn awesome tool for artistic photography projects. To explain it short, it’s a gadget that deals gives you motioned timelapses. As in, it pans\tilts the camera WHILE timelapsing for some epic results. It also supports many cameras so you don’t have to worry about being left alone. Hell, it supports Sony too!

If you’re down for this, I’d recommend going for the $375 deal so you could get two Radians for tilt\pan combo *POW*


It’s a gadget to tether your camera to an iPad or iPhone. Not just that, you can control it too and see live results!

The bad thing about this project however is that it doesn’t support many cameras because it tethers through USB which isn’t as easily doable as the trigger port.

If you have a Canon or Nikon camera (Not all models are supported, check their page), then I suggest you go for that since its a kickass gadget and relatively affordable too!


Here’s a scenario that’d perfectly explain this project:

You’re in a photoshoot session and you need to change lenses back and forth so frequently and you’re in the move. A bag doesn’t cut it and carrying many cameras is a hustle too!

This resolves it by having to clip them in your belt\waist and just have quick and more stable access to them.

My only problem (Again) is not providing Sony support. So if you’re a Canon or Nikon user, this is definitely a really kickass project for you!

2 thoughts on “Interesting Kickstarter projects for photography

  1. Dear q8geeks, I’m having an issue which I ‘m sure you’ll be able to help me on.

    I recorded a video on my iPad on my brothers graduation ceremony and i mistakingly deleted it when I connected it to my pc thinking it was another video.

    Is there any way I could get it back ?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’ve never been in such scenario so I can’t really tell.

    Reading a bit around some googled results, your best bet if you backed up your videos in iCloud, iTunes or some old backup. Otherwise pulling videos using special softwares can be a mean bitch.

    You can try this for example (Not saying it’d work, but better try than doing nothing)

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