Startrail session

Alright, I’ve been having so much fun going all the way to AlSalmi with either a friend or two to stargaze and have epic startrail pictures.

The spot is clear enough to see the milkyway with naked eye!

So I thought of sharing the fun with everyone else: If you’re interested in tagging along, please check out this Qlendar event for time and date. You can ask me questions here or send me an email to give more detailed information.

What you’ll need for a successful startrail:
* A camera
* A camera remote or shutter release (Or you’ll have to get up and click every few seconds)
* A stable tripod
* Startrail software (You can find other alternatives, but this works well in Windows)
* Munchies, food, chair maybe, drinks or whatever to keep you occupied for hours

Not interested in taking pictures and you just want to enjoy the scene? By all means, join us and stargaze with us!

Basically we’ll gather in Mishref CO-OP to check things out and then take it from there. Driving there will take around an hour and half.

Please contact me for more details about preparations, cautions and any question you have for the session.

If you’re wondering what you could do there, these:
AlSalmi Startrail for ~1:30'00"

AlSalmi Startrail meets Milkyway [August, 14th, 2012]

Milkyway [August, 12th, 2012]

Startrail AlSalmi [August 12th, 2012]

2 thoughts on “Startrail session

  1. Hi Dherar,

    Me and a friend of mine want to be a part of the star trail photography event. It would be awesome if you can share with me the details and some contact information.



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