KUWAIT got accepted to TOUGEKI Tournament!!!

This is probably one of the biggest news to hit the video game scene in Kuwait history. Kuwait has been confirmed by Tougeki’s official website are qualified to compete in the incoming Super Battle Opera: The 8th Arcadia Cup Tournament. Big kudos to White Towers team and their hard effort to show the world that YES we do have hardcore gamers here and we are ready for any challenge.

In case you don’t know what the hell is Tougeki. Tougeki also known as S.B.O in English is an international gaming competition that only ranks the number 1 players of arcade fighting games. Games like Street Fighter, Tekken 6, Blaze Blue and etc. Now you’re thinking “OMG!! I am interested! How do I join?” Simple, follow the White Towers Facebook page here. You’ll be updated daily on their recent activities and changes. However below are the official rules from their Facebook page if you are interested in joining and to represent yourself as a true Kuwaiti gamer.

What can I say except… “HAY DOO ooOOoo HayDO LOVELY CAMEL!!” 😀

Tournament Rules:
Tougeki Style 3vs3.
Best of 3 rounds.
No similar characters in the same team.
Random order of starting the three players in each team.
Winner Continues loser out.
No losers bracket.

Tougeki 2010 Qualification Tournaments Round 1
White Towers Facebook Page
Tougeki Official Website

7 thoughts on “KUWAIT got accepted to TOUGEKI Tournament!!!

  1. Sounds great. Do we have an eSport Association in Kuwait? how is it going to be official? is it an open tournament or are played going to be selected? if it is the latter then do we have an official league to base our selection off of?

    Eitherway, good luck to all Kuwaiti Geeks!

  2. well for starters it is official but I do not know any of Kuwait esport association. My advice for if you want to get straight info on this topic is to contact one of the White Towers members via Facebook. They’ll tell you all that you needed to know.

  3. Special thanks go to Baroodi for making this a possibility. If you want Kuwaiti gamers gathering place, you should go to TopDark. Seriously, that place is astonishing. From Street Fighter to CoD to latest info. I’m not here to advertise the website, I’m just you guys know about the place where most of the talent lies.

  4. @SomeDude. I know of Mr. Baroodi and yes your right. With his and the white towers team they were able to pull it off. As for TopDark I too know of that place. It’s a great place to meet kuwaiti gamers. You should also check out Facebook pages that have Kuwaiti gamers like Kuwait Xbox or Playstation Kuwait.

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