Kuwait’s Amir Grants KD 1,000 for Every Kuwaiti Citizen

It is official. A request has been made by his Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al-Sabah for every Kuwaiti citizen to be granted KD 1,000 including those who are born on 1st of February on the occasion to celebrate the 50th independence anniversary, 20th liberation anniversary and 5th anniversary of Sheikh Sabah’s assumption for office next month.

But wait that’s not all. For the period of two months from 1st of February to 31st March, every Kuwaiti citizen is also entitled to free food ration.

Congratulations to everyone! WOW! This just too amazing! One thing is for sure I am going to hate going outside because all those retailers’ outlets will change their price tags to higher rates just so they can get your good fortune. I am curious to know, what are you going to do with your free gift money from the Amir?


30 thoughts on “Kuwait’s Amir Grants KD 1,000 for Every Kuwaiti Citizen

    1. Me too. I can’t afford to spend unless it is something really necessary. I’m more worried about the price hike that will happen when I hit the supermarket or the coop on the first of February.

  1. The hike already started! A store already told me today prices are going up by 10% starting verrryyyy soon!!! Looks like we’re going to be paying more than the 1000 we’re getting but il7amdillah for everything!! By the way isnt it 12 months of free rations..thats what everyones saying 😀

    1. Crap I knew this was going to happen. Now it will be tough for me to buy goods until all the stores the likes of AlShaya gets satisfied. AlShaya Co. kind of reminds me of Jabba the Hut.

      Regarding the rations. To be quite honest I can’t confirm it because according to KUNA it is from 1st Feb to 31st of Mar for two months. However according to KTV 1 news that it ration will be distributed freely not for one year but two. Finally you got the Dewaniya rumors saying it will only be for one year. Therefore I am just going to leave it at KUNA’s statement until an actual update has been made to confirm the rations distribution duration.

    1. Is it really “AWESOME” to know that they’d be putting ~1,800,000,000 KWD on this? No, this is even worse!!

      I’m neither concerned about the prices nor the the value of the Kuwaiti Dinar, I’m concerned about the amount of money which will be spent!! THEY CAN BUILD HOSPITALS, START PROJECTS, OR ANYTHING THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE USEFUL!! Think people, think!!

  2. well the good thing about this is that it will cause the economy around the country to be just a little more active

    think about it, more money = more buying = more opportunities for companies to create cool offers and awesome stuff

    1. cooler offers? … you mean expensive offers? If you remember the last time we were given the 200KD منحة, the prices went mad; I didn’t see any cool offers!

    2. No, no and no. There will never be ‘Special’ offers. The only thing this will bring as AnxiousNut said is expensive offers. And he’s right about 200 KD. Everyone and I mean everyone was just upping the prices like crazy because they want you money.

      However, there is a good chance (don’t keep your hopes up) that stores will not jack the prices because I overheard a talk going that Amir will insure that stores will remain the same and not jack up their prices because he’s handing out that money.

        1. sh3_G33k, Are you sure about this number? If so, who is the group behind the hotline and what are the steps that we need to take if any of us were to suspect something is fishy?

          I am going to do a complete update on this post.

          1. Thats ministry of commerce and industry’s وزارة التجارة hot line, other than that I know nothing, sorry.

          2. رقم حماية المستهلك **
            there’s a whole campaign going on to “try” to prevent the rise in prices.

        2. Ok this is definitely SWEET! Regarding the campaign, do they have a website, facebook page, twitter a/c or any other info I would like to look into it. Thanks!

          1. i tried to find info on al baladyah once. if my memory serves me correctly, it was a complete waste of time.

            on line presence was never one of kuwait’s strong points.

  3. To be honest im happy about the 1000KD, but i really doubt if they are going to increase it by 500kd. Think about it i mean we have the money 7imdellah, But even if they add 1 fils to that 1000kd it’ll make a huge difference. Anyone knows when is it going to happen?

    1. They’re not going to add the other 500 KD those are all rumors and are not true. It is only 1,000 KD (Al 7amdellah – wa na3mah). A lot of talks have been going on regarding when it will be distributed. The only logical thing is how the previous 200 KD was granted by the Amir on the 20th of the month. That’s when everyone will receive their monthly work salary. So expect it to be around that time line. I doubt it will be given on the week of Hala February because there will be a lot going on and the communication traffic between banks, telecom and internet companies are going pretty heavy.

  4. You Kuwaitis are enjoying your Free Rations….what abt us? ( the expects )…we will be giving more money for our food everywhere??

  5. This is why you lure a Kuwaiti guy and marry him for these privileges xD

    (Just kidding, good luck though)

  6. Well, not neccessarliy. If you’re under 21, then the money would be transfered into your gaurdians account. But if u are 21 and above, you might want to open the account ASAP.

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