Hackers breached a medical server to host a COD: Black Ops server.

Next step, we do this in Al-Ameri hospital to host our Counter-Strike 1.3 servers xD … So ghetto!!

Some gamers hacked a server that belongs to some radiology lab that holds sensitive and private data of patients so they can run their COD: Black Ops server utilizing their resources.

The discovered vulnerabilities (Noticed in November 12th) got fixed and covered. And according to The Register, the hackers didn’t touch neither use the mentioned sensitive data.

Now these are the hackers I’m looking for to hack Kuwait University and get me the data hang out with… HANG OUT WITH!!! I HAVE NO INTENTION OF sending these data to 4chan and abuse the students hacking at all! NEVER!! xD

Anyway, enough with my imagination and weird temptations, check out the source for more details.


8 thoughts on “Hackers breached a medical server to host a COD: Black Ops server.

  1. I don’t think that would be too hard to do seeing that their state-of-the-art registration system is designed for IE7 or so I’m told, and the thing went online last semester.

    if they’re prepared to use and pay for crippled, out-dated software like this, I’m sure there systems are full of holes.

  2. LOL ! why the hell do u want to hack the univ ? BTw Google “Fire Sheep” xD! .
    btw hacking kuwait univ site is going to be hard as hell that if we didn’t get caught while doing it ! i’m not going to jail for stupid marks xD.

    1. Hard as hell? Getting caught? No, with all due respect, they’re not that smart. Well, I’d never call people smart if they use http for students portal systems. Am just glad the main portal is using https!

      Oh, btw, Kuniv servers were hacked several times before. Last one happened few months ago, site of كلية الآداب was taken down.

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