Extreme Couponing = Smart Shopping

If you were ever to be living or studying abroad in the US I am sure you have seen those discount coupons that you would get from cereal boxes, newspaper or magazine clippings. But have you ever used them before or even gave them a second glance? Have you ever taken the time to look through your stock pile of advertisement sitting in your mailbox everyday? You might be thinking that all this stuff is junk but for others it is gold and smart shopping.

A woman in Philadelphia named Joyce House who is a shopaholic created a name for herself and received the title The Coupon Diva because of her smart coupon shopping which literally saved her hundreds of dollars worth of weekly grocery purchases. Would you believe she can easily diminish a $75 dollar worth of store purchases to $11 dollars! Better yet, check out the video below on how she slashes her weekly grocery shopping from $230.38 to only $6.92!!!!!

It would be amazing if Kuwait was to have a coupon saving system. Think of how much money you would save.

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