I’m not sure what to believe in anymore; Elephants are afraid of ants!

Leaving the fact that elephants are becoming pink, but afraid of ants!? Such pussies!!


So it goes like this:
Jacob Goheen and Todd Palmer observed an elephant destroying and eating trees but not touching the ant-protected tree “The Acacia drepanolobium”.

Then they experiment feeding different food to different animals; elephants didn’t touch the trees\food with ants while nomnomed those without while other animals didn’t really care.

Then they gave an elephant different trees with either ants or no ants. The elephant went berserk over ants-free trees including the ant-protected one (After removing ants ofcourse) while chickened out the anted trees.

So yea, elephants are nothing but a humongous version of this:

Plus mice and ants phobia.

I’m disappointed…


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