ExoPC Windows7 tablets by October 15th

Y’say it’d suck? Well, specs wise, I don’t think so…

With a 11″ dual-touch capacitive and pressure-sensitive screen, 2GB DDR2 (I still use that on my computer, btw… Yes I should upgrade soon), Intel Atom N4501.66 GHz (64 bit support), SSD 32GB\64GB storage (The Sandisk SSD drive used should be nuts) and 4-hours battery life while being literally abused.

Price? Reasonable; 799 CAD (~222KD)… A tad more than what I think of paying but whatever…

Two things I didn’t like. And they’re the battery life and no GPS.

Yet, I’d still wait on other slates… According to ExoPC’s forum, the price will remain the same even if they kicked in a GPS module.

Source and Forum announcement

NOTE: I wonder if someone would kick in an Android (Or better yet *buntu OS) in there… Hmmmm……………… BO! SURPRISED!? HAHAHAH!!!

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