Bringing ViewSonic back with 10-inch Windows\Android tablets.

As I’m writing this post, I’m looking at my old 17″ (I think) ViewSonic E70 CRT screen… I never thought of the day where they’ll be bringing 10″ tablets…

1.66 Atom N455.
10″ capacitive multitouch screen.
16GB flash storage.
Windows is the primary OS while Android 1.6 is an alternative.
WiFi, GPS, 1.3MP webcam, MicroSD slot and a miniVGA port.

~£549 (~244KD).

Interested? I know I am xD


4 thoughts on “Bringing ViewSonic back with 10-inch Windows\Android tablets.

  1. would be interested if it didnt have Windows preinstalled, cause then it’ll be around !200KD!! … ummm, still flash disks? when are they planning to use SSDs?! They’re already out, oh still expensive :S

  2. the big question for tablets is why. why would you need a tablet pc when a phone can do everything it tablet can. if you’re going to say it’s for a larger keyboard, then you’re looking at the wrong device. you should be looking at netbooks.

    let’s be honest here, tablets are merely “objects of desire”. nothing more.

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