I’m back from my vacation! [PICS]

Alrighty, for the shy fans and silent constant readers, you guys have probably figured my likeness toward Scandinavia. Well, I’ve been obsessed with Iceland recently to an extend where it’d be my new weekend destination instead of boring Dubai.

And because I’d be sharing pictures, you’d probably have figured I’d be sharing pictures of the northern lights. Unfortunately, Mr. Weather decided it’d be funny to go crazy during my 4 days visit to Reykjavik. So yeah, no northern lights. HOWEVER, there’s glaciers!

I’m not writing a “My blog review of my visit to Iceland: IT’S AMAZING”… How can you write a review to a different country? Really, how!?

Talked too much? Less talk, more pix!
Icelandic Glaciers: 1

Icelandic Glaciers: 2

Icelandic Glaciers: 3

Icelandic Kia in winter

Icelandic Glaciers: 6

Lonely rock in a lonely black beach

Icelandic dreamy waterfalls

Icelandic horse stare

Emo Icelandic horse

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