Fog passing through AlHamra Tower’s tip

Alright, it’s been a god damn while since I last time posted something of my pictures, so here we go!

I got off work, saw a small cloudette (At least that’s what I’d like to call it; a low-altitude cloud made of fog?) passed through AlHamra Tower’s tip. So I did what every wise man would do; apply everything I learned from Gran Turismo to rush back home, grab my camera, come back to Kuwait city and click away.

So, here’s the outcome:
AlHamra Tower's tip overtaken by fog and clouds

_Fog passing through AlHamra Tower at night

AlHamra Tower with blue and orange clouds

A close up of AlHamra Tower's tip cutting through the fog

A different angle of AlHamra Tower's fogged up tip

AlHamra Tower's curve

A concrete and glass knife cutting through sea of clouds

AlHamra Tower's tip covered in fluff

AlHamra Tower and Mall

And here’s a bad video of the whole cloud\fog motion through the tip (In my defense; I forgot my tripod so I had to hold the heavy 150-500 SIGMA lens while recording this video):

Clouds through AlHamra Tower from Q8GEEK on Vimeo.

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