A step that Capcom shouldn’t have done: Karika In Jungle.

I love Capcom for their awesome games (Megaman Legends is my favorite of all times… Must find and download an emulator for it :P). But this is just wrong…

Long story short, Esam Karika, an Egyptian singer who is known for his “Shankoti” song, is signing a contract with Capcom to develop a kiddie game of him in the jungle featuring his song “3ammo” (Which is translated to “Uncle” in English).

Truth to be said, this is a crazy brave move. But made by the wrong person… And I hope our make-up saturated female and hair-gel saturated male celebrities here in Kuwait not to follow…

It’s funny that my boss told me about it. He sort of hates Capcom by now xD


2 thoughts on “A step that Capcom shouldn’t have done: Karika In Jungle.

  1. You must be jealous that your nationality was not chosen however a bald move and it might work lemme see what ur kind will do …. c yaaaaa

  2. Jealous? Nationality? My kind?

    Dude, you’re racist.

    I said its a brave action made by the wrong guy because he took a wrong decision to make such game. And I’d say that to 50Cent’s game, Khalid Al-Mulla, The Beatles, X Japan and any band that makes a contract with a big company for a kiddie-educational game that would fail.

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