Amtek U560 UMPC and Windows7

I was shocked when I first read the title…

Amtek U560 UMPC with 512GB RAM and 600MHz Intel A100 CPU score 1.2 in Windows7’s Experience Index (Which is more than my laptop’s 1.0 [Intel Centrino 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM])…

The wireless driver didn’t work so they used WindowsXP drivers (I did that too… And it works!!)

More details? Check the SlashGear article.

3 thoughts on “Amtek U560 UMPC and Windows7

  1. I can’t figure out why the Centrino scores only 1.0 and my A100 did 1.2.

    Are you talking about CPU? Usually I find that the global rate for CPU is much higher that the graphics one, but in this case (U560) all the graphics rates where 2+ and the harddisk was 3+ so the lowest was the CPU scoring 1.2.

    But in the case of a Centrino 1.7 Ghz (more that double than my poor U560 – close to triple in fact) your 1.0 for sure comes from the graphics not allowing Aero to run. Am I right?

  2. Yea… My hardwares (in general) doesn’t even support Vista!!

    I had to use my Windows XP drivers to be able to use my Ethernet, Wireless and VGA cards >_<; I should get me a new laptop soon =_=;

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