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So while I was surfing the internet “NOT SMURFING MORONS!” I dropped by I found this program “Miro” which described:

“Miro is an internet TV platform that makes watching internet video channels as easy as watching TV and makes broadcasting a channel open to everyone.”

So I thought of giving it a shot and try it out. And it’s AMAZING!!! Seriously, AMAZING!!!

You can browse it’s channels which is around 3000 categorized channels. From educational to political passing by funny, religious and technology categories.

The good thing is that you can download the episodes which has expiration date “maybe 5 days or so” and you can keep’em forever! They’re FREE and alot of’em are HDed!

Personally I’ve been watching Understanding Adobe Photoshop, BSoD, Japanese Class, Systm and Meet the GIMP. I’ll be watching more than these in the near future and I’ll keep every single episode I download “I don’t delete what I’ve downloaded, it’s a waste of bandwidth =P”

Why don’t you give it a shot? I’m sure you’d enjoy it =D

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