eeePC is t3h ro><0rz

I have this weird habit of checking hackaday which discuss a hardware hack each day or something.

So while I’m at it I saw this “”add everything to your eeePC” and due my interest in eeePC I followed the link and WOW!. It’s SO HACKABLE!!!!

You can fit almost everything you need in a laptop in that little piece of a laptop.

Check it out

Hopefully I can manage to fit things in there if I got the laptop and materials. Hope you like it!

5 thoughts on “eeePC is t3h ro><0rz

  1. well think of its size as an urgent device that looks like a laptop that you use for urgent computing (internet, data stuff, videos and audios…. etc)

    I’d love to get one of those…

  2. i’d love to too, but its only for the sake of h/w modding .. (if i can find a good hardware shop in Kuwait that is)
    otherwise, i’d go for a PDA if size mattered, and need a full qwerty keyboard.

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