Chapter 2: Twisted Mind

“SCREW YOU! EVIL COMPANY” I yelled as I let my hands go free from that bar because I couldn’t take it anymore falling on the swimming pool since its safe to do so.

when i got out of the swimming pool one of the remaining doctors said “your mind is twisted, the evil company doesn’t exist”. “But I…” i got interrupted by the doctor “no use talking in here… wear this and follow me” he said. he gave me a yellow coat.

the doctor took me to an old library which is filled with dust and dirt. and in the middle there was a statue which is shaped like a miss-shaped cube with a small hole in the middle. he took out a wooden stick and stuck it inside and kept moving it up and down. while he’s at it some weird noises started to be hear.

I got freaked out and looked at him, he was smiling like telling me to calm down its nothing. so I tried. couldn’t help but notice the shadows and the loud noises. the shadows are getting closer and closer and my heartbeats are getting harder and faster. and it was a kitten running to hunt a mouse. it WAS nothing.

as soon as he finished moving that stick a wooden door with 2 legs came running to us and with its two arms, his right arm extended to open itself (the door) and when it did I saw some weird lab inside.

“doors aren’t supposed to come to us, doors are supposed to be just doors” i said. the doctor replied “thats what the EVIL COMPANY wants you to believe. Sorry couldn’t introduce myself earlier, I’m agent Worrup from the Good Institution. welcome to our no-ground operation HQ. you are our only hope to defeat the evil company… yet”

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