Daigo Umehara broke up with Ryu!

Too bad they didn’t break up before Ma’an’s match xD

The guy is switching from Ryu to Yun because he feels throwing hadoukens and whatever is unfair and Yun pulled his interest and so far he’s not complaining about switching.

It’ll take time to adjust, but lets be glad that the hadouken spam is almost over xD


4 thoughts on “Daigo Umehara broke up with Ryu!

  1. He didn’t switch because Ryu is unfair, he said that characters that throw fireballs do not have the same advantages as they did before due to re-balancing of the game.

    L2R NOOB 😛

  2. Guys, WHY do you care if some random jp changed his character in street fighter? this is hardly news worthy. the guy is an attention whore, move on…

  3. How is he an attention whore? He doesn’t do anything for attention, he just likes to play fighting games and somewhere along the way everyone started paying attention to him and making a big deal out of him. This post was pretty much a light hearted one.

    Hell if anything Daigo is probably one of the nicest people in the world.

    1. Well, if he isn’t that’s fine.

      The point is, People shouldn’t be obsessed over a guy playing a game (Actors too, because they suck)

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