For all yo Samus fans out there: A new Metroid is out on Wiiiiiiii~

I, myself, am not a fan of Metroid. But the chick is smoking hot (I got a thing or two for blonds xD)

Aaaanyway, long story short, the game is out on Nintendo Wii.

After checking the videos above, I can safely say I’d buy a Wii probably for that game. I really like how you can switch for platform to first-person-view by simple changing the way you hold the Wiimote.

And I wonder if someone will ever turn this into a movie… And not a typical movie where Samus ends up falling in love with the enemy where she had to kill him but ends up saving him by crying on his (Supposed to be) dead body then one of her tears wakes him up and all… No… A movie where Samus kicks the crap out of every living and non-living being that is involved in the baby’s death\kidnap…

*Counts wallet if I can afford a Wii*

Oh, in case you’re worried about what happened before that game story-wise (Like me, haven’t touched the game my entire life), you can check out this video below.

One thought on “For all yo Samus fans out there: A new Metroid is out on Wiiiiiiii~

  1. As a fan of metroid prime, I must say: N*(O*10^INF)

    One of the best things about the new metroid prime games was the immersive factor. When you play, you actually feel like you’re in the game. no other game I played came close to that (including halo and all the other fps). how can i feel like i’m in the game if i keep changing prospectives!

    Don’t get me wrong, the side scrolling game are also very fun to play. but combining the two styles is just…

    I’ll have to play it to find out if it’s actually good or not. I just hope my fears don’t become a reality.

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