Egg printer!?

OK, things got really weird and all… But I didn’t see this coming…

Now, with this printer, you can draw something nice to your customers\family and have your egg with some nice drawing on the shell… Or just draw something nasty while throwing it on someone you hate (I’m sure alot of CST students will target some teachers :P)

For some reason, I just thought of an awful scenario: throwing goatse eggs on Steve Balmer… But then again, his feet are too quick!!

Anyway, check the Engadget post for more details

5 thoughts on “Egg printer!?

  1. lol…r u gonna throw it on Steve balmer ?
    If u do I think he’ll be anxious.

  2. lol…I think he’ll never do that embarrassing thing ever again…although lets c how can come with us (to throw the anxious eggs on Steve balmer)

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