Windows XP mode on Windows 7 by Parallels?

This should b interesting…

Apparently, guys at Parallels are working on Windows 7 version of Windows XP virtualization…

Parallels are known for their great virtualization (since it runs Windows on Mac and all almost perfectly) and all…

Now, this will bring alot of idiots to Mac computers\laptops since they are able to use Windows on Mac (Why switch to Mac anyway!?)

Click here to read the PC AUTHORITY post for more details.

8 thoughts on “Windows XP mode on Windows 7 by Parallels?

  1. Parallels was invented after VMware, the later is more sophisticated with better features, I’ve been using it for years (beside being a beta-tester user)

    Windows 7 is already integrated in the latest distro of VMware, but it’s still in beta, unfortunately i don’t have a copy of Win 7 to be able to test it

    They have also a Mac version of VMware too, called Fusion.


  2. talking about virtualization, sun’s vertual box is great. i don’t know about parallels, but it definitely beats vmware, at least that’s my opinion.

    mentioning sun remides me, if you haven’t heard orecal bought sun…
    sad news for the open source community, the fate of MySQL, OpenOffice, java, virtualbox, … is now unkown. 🙁

  3. money? well, if it was better than “windows xp” mode, i’ll be happy to pay for it

  4. I don’t think it will compare with xp but my brother said that it’s greater then xp so I don’t really know.

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