8 thoughts on “Apple to buy EA!?

  1. Apple has been really showing it´s teeth since it moved to Intel based chips…I won´t be surprised if they finally make a fully-fledged Gaming rig that would rival any WinTel machine out there some time in 2010.

  2. True,

    But when you think about it, if they bought EA, things will turn ugly…

    For example, the NFL will be all white’n’pink… The basketball will turn white with apple logo instead of orange\brown\red…

  3. =======================================
    “things will turn ugly…” well things are getting ugly since that day, first Oracle Bought Sun Microsystems, now Apple is going to buy EA, … I think Microshit is going to try to buy LINUX(don’t ask me how!!) …. this is getting to the WTF WORLD!!!

  4. I thought it was IBM not oracle…

    Beside they’re nothing but rumors so far… Let’s just hope they’re just rumors

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