Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it! 5

So yea, I dug up some more (And didn’t find anything interested to write about), so I’m gonna share some stuff 😛

Chasing after brother

*Me chasing after my brother wearing domokun slippers and cat ears*
Mom saw me and said “مادري شلون بزوجك انا” (I don’t know how I’ll get you a wife)


*being labored at mom’s room fixing up her TV with a really annoyed attitude*
Mom: شنو انت جبريت؟ بزوجك وحدة باردة (You’re so spark-tempered, I’m getting you a cold-blooded wife!)
Me: شنو بتزوجيني ثلاجة؟ (You’re getting me a fridge?)
Mom: اذلف مابيك تسوي التلفزيون فارج (Get the hell out! Don’t fix the TV!)

Mentally challenged!

Friend: You’re mentally challenged!
Me: Yes, yet I always win the challenge.


Friend: I hope your laptop crash!
Me: I hope your car mirinda!


Friend: Are you high btw?
Me: I don’t get high, no high material 😛
Friend: You eat sugar, you can’t get higher than that :p
Me: I don’t eat sugar, sugar just likes going to my stomach through my throat… and as a good host, i can’t refuse 😛


*Superior telling me to do something using Joomla*
Superior: Did you do it?
Me: Not yet
Superior: You mean you can’t?
Me: You know I’m lacking time or else I would’ve turned that mere joomla to a friggin’ poem!

*Joomla جملة means a sentence in Arabic…*


نعمان is a name of a guy: Numan.
I sent an SMS to my superior:
“Numan said he has a meeting until 11 or so and the NLB didn’t work because it needs switch configuration from HW guys”

But because autocorrect is so awesome, it corrected “Numan” to “Human”.

My superior replied:
“Human !!! Laish ga3d et7achy 3twy?” (Human !!! Why, are you talking to a cat?)


Friend: I’m on my iPod I can’t get Internet on my comp
Me: pffffft your ipod sucks
Friend: Fucking internet isn’t working properly
Me: because you’re using apple products… they think differently xD
Friend: Internet isn’t working on my hp laptop, either
Me: because the internet is having hard time dealing with your ipod and forgot about your HP


Friend: I dont know who I am anymore
Me: You’re a girl who just lost her virginity. Now be a hooker, Woman!
Friend: that was fast 😛
Me: Oh man, PHEW!! I finally used that picture… you don’t know how long i’ve been keeping it for the right time to be used

2 thoughts on “Don’t sink down to my level! I’ll beat you so bad in it! 5

  1. looooooooooool,life is funny 😛
    my fav:
    “Friend: I hope your laptop crash!
    Me: I hope your car mirinda!” and the ipod one hehehe

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