Quick way to check how clean a file is

Alrighty, it’s been a god damn while since I last time wrote something techy\geeky, so I thought of kicking this scenario I’ve been going through at work.

You know when you receive a file and you KNOW its suspicious, but can’t prove it because your antivirus didn’t detect it, but your friend’s antivirus did. Which makes you question how good your trusted antivirus is.

Fiddling around with the intertubes, I found this awesome website called Virus Total.

Basically, you upload a file and it checks with so many antiviruses if the uploaded file is malwared or not. And truth to be said, it is useful.

Here’s an example of how things would be like (It’ll be there until the session\file lifespan expires). This is an RTF file I submitted that I received by email (Work email, not private).

You can create an account and keep track of your submissions or you can just upload the file and check without registering.

So, instead of going to different websites (Kaspersky, Symantic, McCafee and so on) and submit the file to each website, you only upload it once and you get the results!

Truth to be said, I regained faith in AVG and will most likely abandon Microsoft Essential Security Suite whatever thingy pretty soon. I also didn’t know that VIPRE is a GFi product (I know GFi, I’ve been a fan of their LANGuard suite)

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