This is a scenario occurred at work and one of the many reasons why I love working under my superior’s supervision (Yes, super vision)

A week ago, work hired new employees. And because I’m the one who’s handling account creations and all, I have to create accounts for them.

When first patch arrived, I did create them accounts in our domain and email accounts.

Superior said to stop creating emails because we’re in the middle of upgrading and migrating from one system to another. That, and new employees won’t really need emails so they’ll be reserving storage for nothing. Once they start needing it, we’ll create them email accounts and limit their mailboxes to smaller sizes than usual.

I’m fine with that. He also told me to group new employees in a new group so we can reach them and tweak their configurations. I did, and, well, check this out:

Superior: What happened? Something went wrong?
Me: I’m creating the group now, what should I name them?
Superior: Anything, it doesn’t matter.
Me: OK
*scribbling in the keyboard then facepalming*
Superior: What happened?
Me: I couldn’t help but name the group “Noobs”!
*Superior pauses for 10 seconds and snap laughing*
Superior: It’s ok, no one is gonna see it so keep it

So yea, every time a new employee arrives to create him an account, god kills a kitten I laugh internally because I assign’em as “Noobs” xD

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