Mono HMD display hack: Dissembling the MyVU HMD

I can’t remember the last time I dug my hands dirty to play with toys (And obviously void their warranty). So, things will get poopy now :3

First things first, just in case you’re wondering what “HMD” stands for. I assure you, it doesn’t stand for “HuMiDity” or “Head Massive Destruction” (Sounds like a good project to do :P), it means “Head Mounted Display”. Whats so special in them? Well, you could watch what you want without people sharing them with people *cough*porn*cough*. It looks something like this:

HMD is usually cheap for media players such as iPods, iPads, iPhones, some Nokias or whatever. But it cost A LOT for computers because, well, they’re usually used for special purposes like military, medical research and ofcourse, watch porn and looking like an idiot with futuristic-looking eyewear 😛

Problem with most HMD like MyVU is that you can’t see through them or have a mono display instead of stereo display.

Well, in this post, I’ll be documenting whats going on and, well, I’ve successfully dissembled the thingy (Yet need to discover how to turn it mono instead).

So, what you first need to do is unscrew it and crack it open which can be easily done with a star screw and a flat screw. There are only, like, 5 screws.

You’ll get to a stage like this:

You see that orange stripe? It connects between left and right eye pieces.
And apparently, you need to connect it for both to work. If you didn’t, neither will. I’ll have to figure a way to hot-wire things to make only a single eye piece work!

Until then, we’ll suck up the explanation part.
Here’s how a single eye piece look like (Almost):

Still doesn’t make sense, right? Well, here’s another shot separating everything for use to understand:

Also, I’d like to note that I disconnected speakers wires which are located at the back of each backlight panel. Here’s a picture that shows which dots refers to speakers:

So far, I couldn’t find a solution to do a mono-display instead of a stereo display. But a bit of googling would solve the problem because I’m quite sure many people have done it already. Stay tuned to know how its done!

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