Copy-paste won’t come to Windows Phone 7 until early 2011!?

Alright, before you guys start biting my head for being a Microsoft fanboy, Apple didn’t get it until 3 generations, and Android didn’t haven’t implemented it properly (Where “copy paste it” came to aid)…

Well, according to Engadget post, this feature will arrive as a software update which copying happens by highlighting a text and pasting it by clicking in an empty box and pressing the “Paste” button.

As retarded as not providing such vital functionality, when you think about its uses in a mobile phone, the system can detect numbers, emails, addresses and important text, use them in another app (Mobile, email, calender or whatever) and allow third-party apps to utilize the system-detection functionality… Which isn’t bad by itself, yet copy\paste is an essential function we all need and it’s coming within months as an update and free of charge rather than being included in a 3 Generations younger devices and OS (*wink*wink* iPhone\iPod).


One thought on “Copy-paste won’t come to Windows Phone 7 until early 2011!?

  1. They better not follow Apples footsteps on this one. So far I am liking what they’re doing. My only main concern are two things. FULLY support their mobile Win7 OS and never to do the same mistake they did with the Zune and ignored/cut it support and Easy syncing unlike the likes of iTunes.

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