Access Facebook For Free with Viva:

Viva announced that its customers now can access Facebook via Viva’s mobile web browser “Viva Wao” for free without internet fees by visiting (Thats a zero not the letter O >.>) since Viva is now one of sponsers (again, zero not an O as in Orange).

Though its noted that the “ZERO” site is faster than and lack any graphics and if you wish to view a picture or such, you would then have to pay internet fee.


3 thoughts on “Access Facebook For Free with Viva:

  1. I wonder if Zain or Watanya are planning to do something similar! … They probably will! Though, free twitter would be awesome!

    lol, I was planing to write this tomorrow!
    /me removes it from his todo list
    Thank you, that’s one less post to write XD

  2. HAH! I HAS VIVA!!! (Should check it out though)…

    I wonder if I will receive any cupcake this year… Hmmmm xD

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