HTC HD7… I’m in love… Sort of xD

Mark my words: If nothing better (By better, I mean same\bigger screen) came out until November, this… This….

So yea, way before I choose my N900, I was literally lost between HTC HD2 and N900. And thanks to eleet0ne, he recommended N900 because Windows Phone 7 was being worked on and it’d be a waste buying a WinMo6.5 where Windows Phone 7 is close by.

Anyway, if you check the video below, you’ll understand why I love that damn phone: Big screen, very VERY responsive, Windows (OS that I belong to… Atleast for now)…

I repeat, I’ll buy this if I didn’t find another phone with the same screen (If not better)… Let it be Android, Maemo\MeeGo, Symbian (If Symbian is any good) or Windows Phone 7


3 thoughts on “HTC HD7… I’m in love… Sort of xD

  1. So you wanna get in and out of your phone quickly? XP

    Maemo\MeeGo, Symbian

    I wouldnt recommend taking a step towards Nokia projects/phones, the company isnt stable anymore! CEO and another major guy stepped down and got replaced! We all realize they’re not right in the head at the moment; maemo then meego, now Symbian 3! I dont know, but i wouldnt!

  2. nice phone and everything but my eyes r still set on nokia n8 although everyone keeps saying that it’s not stable and stuff like that

  3. I have a HD7, before that i had a Nokia N97. The Hd7 is like a lambogini and the N97 is a Camaro. HD7 is totally responsive, Nokia phones, I also had the N900. Tend to freeze and become unresponsive. Mind you, the Nokia phones OS is better as far as simple functions such as copy and paste, download winzip files, .mp3,.mp4, ..ect. WM7 cannot match Nokia as far as software compatibilty. But the speed that the HD7 has, makes me overlook missing these simple functions. And WM7 is a good OS. It makes moving from one program to the other very easy.

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