Chapter 1: Surviving the Sugar-Craving Zombies!!!

Life can be very difficult for many children , specially those who are in Foster Care. Being a volunteer has not only given me love, courage and patience , but also has given me the time to think and appreciate how meaningful our lives are.

On my first working day as i was walking through the hall way looking for some assistance , a bunch of cute little girls started jumping, they wanted candies. all I had was 2 pieces of candies. so I threw them in the air and saw them fighting to death.

Only 2 kids survived… then, bunch of kids appeared wanting candies. I have no more left. I had to run. so I ran and ran and they’re still keeping up with me. then i got cornered.

I looked back and saw the hungry kids. remembered resident evil zombies. i had no place to run. when i took a better look, i saw the doctors and assister at the back, injecting the poor kids with special sugar injections that’d turn them to sugar’n’candies craving zombies.

I knew it all along! so i took few steps forward, looked at the corner, ran to it and jumped on the window to break it hoping that something fluffy would wait for me from below to land on it. and i found a swimming pool filled with crocodiles and the Michelin fat guy waiting for me to fall. he’s made of rubber.

so i fell on him and bounced to the next building and there’s NO WINDOW TO BREAK!. just few microseconds before the impact i saw a metal bar and hung up to it… waited for 2 minutes while watching the kids falling off the window to the swimming pool. the crocodiles died from all the sweetness they ate from the kids. only 3 kids remained. they ate each others then 1 survived. he was next to an ant farm. the ants attacked him because he was so sweet and ate every bit of him. no sugar carving zombie kid remained. only the evil assister which flew riding the evil company’s helicopter.

“NOW A NEW WAR HAS BEGUN” the evil company’s head shouted. tried to look at his face but it was too dark. though the sound and the shape of the face looked familiar. I wonder who that person is…

Pictures thats related to the story

Michelin Guy:


Sugar Craving Kids Zombies (

Sugar Craving Kids Zombies (

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