Caribou Coffee Day 2

I took another shot of coming here the very next day since I liked the place ALOT!.

Went there around 16:00 and its 21:00 by the time I’m writing this post and I’m planning to move out soon.

Goods happened:
* More people arrived and its STILL quiet.
* The seats makes me wanna sleep here (not just stick in here).
* The A\C is right above me, it could keep the weird smells away (if something burned by mistake or something)… But that depends on your seat.
* Free WiFi. You gotta ask the guys who works there.
* Friendly staff, Ceramic cups, clean clean stuff
* Good taste of musics. Not as jazzy as Starbucks or gay as Dunkin’ Donuts, just good music (well they played “Sweet Home Alabama” for Lynyrd Skynyrd orwhateverthatbandnamewas).

Bad happened:
* More people, one of the reasons I dumped Starbucks Mishref but its not that bad.
* The A\C is right above my head, gotta wear some long-sleeve shirt or whatever… But that depends on the seat.
* WiFi thingy is abit annoying. I always stick to my WNet connection… I started to love it =P

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I can come here whenever I finish my college. I can hide from the world in here.

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