Coffee House Hunting: Caribou Coffee (Free Trading Zone)

I got out of Marina Mall around 19:00 thinking of heading back home. Then I thought of going to my ol’ Dunkin’ Donuts. So I thought (why not try a new place and hunt for a good coffee house?). I was close enough to go to Caribou Coffee in the Raya Complex when I called my friend asking him to join me. He told me to go to Caribou Coffee in the Free Trading Zone (Elman6aqa el7urra). So I did.

In fact, I’m writing this post over there. And I kinda like it.

* A bit high. But worths the stuff… I got a TANK of green tea for 0.950KD with 1.250KD Tuna sandwich.
* It’s still not as costy as Starbucks… I loved it.

* Right now I’m sitting on a Leather Seat with some cool air coming down at me. The PERFECT atmosphere to relax (if not sleep =P). Alot of Leather seats and less Wooden chairs. Wide coffee tables.
* I didn’t explore the space perfectly, but there seem to be some study rooms close. Likie likie likie
* Enough parking lots.

* Decently fresh stuff… Loved their Tuna sandwich and their Dragonite Green Tea (or whatever its called).

* It IS quite!!! I mean, so quite that you can sleep peacefully!!
* Good taste of music.
* No crowd… Not alot of people.

* Alot of electricity sockets.
* 1 Hour on each purchase. Printed on the invoice (Don’t drop that!!)
* I’m going to explore this coffee house again and again. I’ll provide you with more details
* Clean toilets and clean place.

I started to love this place already. I’d sit here nothing less than 2 Hours. I don’t think I’ll find any better coffee house. But I still need to look for new ones.

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