How would you like to change Kuwait?

EVERYONE is complaining that Kuwait sucks and all… But little amount of people thought of putting efforts on changing things.

So I thought of asking anyone who visits this blog (I’m sure rarely) what would you change in Kuwait? who knows maybe someone will read things in here and actually be able to change something?

So, how would you like to change Kuwait to a better country?

11 thoughts on “How would you like to change Kuwait?

  1. crime rate will increase, drunk people will start acting weird causing more accidents (car accidents which might kills people, dragging some (un)licensed weapons… etc). and if something happened, Vitamin “W” is always there to bail them out… nothing would change by legalizing alcohol but increasing the mess…

    we’re already seeing crazy people on the street, we dont want to see crazy DRUNK people on the street that’ll be annoying

  2. Why, you think Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman are overflowing with alcohol related crime?

    Why is it that the craziest people, the most corrupt, savage and animalistic are the ones found in (alcohol-free) Kuwait and Saudi Arabia?

  3. what could legalizing alcohol solve? more drunk people, more mindless people … etc

    atleast UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman doesn’t have something similar to our vitamin “W” which bails a serial killer out with no punishment or whatsoever… we do… alcohol isn’t something that would change Kuwait to something better

  4. parkings? more like asking people to reduce the amount of CARS in Kuwait… or force some rule for new buildings to build enough parkings

  5. I’m a friend of eleets and this question is easy:

    -Fix the curriculum of government schools.
    -Try to replace the Wasta system with something like a meritocracy system, where if you want someone to get a job or whatever you have to stake yourself as collateral so if that person fucks up you go with him.
    -Legalizing Alcohol would be easy you just have to do it the Islamic way. Open it in Bars only and no one can leave with their drinks, you would have to add something to the civil ID that says “Muslim” or “Non-Muslim” and only non-muslims will be able to drink. Make sure there is a drink Limit.
    -Open up night clubs but only for those that are 20 and older, with security camera’s everywhere just to ease peoples worries about “Immoral acts” because the twenty something is a very important demographic and their money is needed here.
    -Fix the public transportation system so that they run on time.

    Thats just for starters, there is a lot more.

    1. @foxy I’m certain that when it comes to drinking almost all religions whether the ones that practise monotheism or not forbid drinking … I’m a former christian and as far as i know what the pastor would preach especially for us youth was that that drking is forbidden by God not by some human law … and I’m certain that you know why.

  6. well… good thinking but:
    -yea school sucks… i wish it would turn to the japanese style of schools where you attend by morning and leave sometime late… ENOUGH TIME TO LEARN…
    -Wasta system isn’t that bad IF IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY! as in, its not wrong to place a relative in a job where others could have ONLY IF HE’S CAPABLE OF HANDLING THAT JOB! like, you dont hire a relative thats a high school graduate as some computer and network consultant unless he KNOWS what he’s dealing with and capable of managing stuff.
    -there’s no “Islamic” way of legalizing alcohol. you’ll get bitch-slapped if you drank any, thats the islamic way (not a bitch-slap by the word… but you’ll get a physical punishment).
    -clubs? that wouldn’t fix kuwait y’know… you were doing good till the drinking and clubbing parts… clubbing wont increase the living level or whatsoever… and… think of our lame youth, openin’ night clubs would bring more troubles like (hey you danced with my gf) or (dear, where were you by 1am? am i your husband or what?) or anything random like that
    -Hell i’ll be one of the people who’d use public transportation if it got fixed…

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