BlackBerry encryption isn’t safe anymore… HAH!

Seems like the government access request chaos will see an end soon xD

According to the source at bottom, you can crack the BlackBerry service\mobile data encryption by attacking the its backup because it’s offline and not as encrypted as it should be (Atleast as good encryption as iTunes). As in, the data transferred from BlackBerry devices to your computer are in raw and aren’t encrypted.

Time? It shouldn’t take much, ElcomSoft can generate millions of passwords without even relying on the GPU!

Now, I’m actually thinking of investing in that software xD
I wonder how would McChickens in Kuwait act xD


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry encryption isn’t safe anymore… HAH!

  1. Last I heard, the data was already exposed to govenrments, thats why the ban was removed. UAE and KSA wanted to have access to the information being exchanged on the RIM networks, and Q8 just wanted all the porn to be blocked !!!

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