If the iPad sucks, and ChromeOS sucks as well … does that make an iPad running ChromeOS something disgusting?!!

Anyways, the TechSource has posted a blogpost about a guy, Hexxeh, who has exploited his iPad and got ChromeOS running on! Guess he got sick of the iOS! However, no one is sure if this is true or not since any details on the web! Though, he did deliver a nice short video!

Now, answering the question I asked at the beginning, No it’s not disgusing! Since ChromeOS is better than the iOS, then it makes the whole thing better! Of course that’s what i think, how about sharing yours?

6 thoughts on “iPad(ChromeOS)

    1. simply because:
      1. ChromeOS is a web-browser(WTF)!
      2. Cloud computing, it would become a piece of trash if you’re not connected to the internet!

      Those are my reasons why i think it sucks!

  1. Theres no point of buying an ipad if you wont be connected to the internet, which pretty much make your second point dont count.
    I think it would be cool, since ipad has a killer touch screen, the only bad thing about it is the fact that it has iOS..
    Just my opinion.

    1. I’ll quote myself: “Since ChromeOS is better than the iOS, then it makes the whole thing better!”

      The reasons I provided firas with had no relation ship with the article!


  2. Actually alot of things are going to cloud computing these days, but it doesnt kill their offline abilities !

    Like a notes program i got on my phone, it directly syncs everything to the internet. but if i dont have internet, i still have access to all the ones on my phone that are synced!
    The beauty of cloud is that if u dont have ur laptop, u can get on another person’s laptop and use everything u had on ur own laptop

    its an amazing concept if u trust them !

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