got a new competitor, Goog.le is on for the public!

Let’s speak URL-shorteners for a brief moment! Most of us find very sufficient, providing the ease of usability, the simple design, implementation in most API, and stats! Stats actually what made me use, though i still use UI) when ever I dont need stats for the shortened URLs!

Starting today special services are bound to be forgotten, why? Because the evil company, Google, has taken a step forward in this field as well! True, Goog.le existed for months now, BUT, it has just been opened for public!

The fact that Google is behind Goog.le isnt the reason for most to leave, but also the fact that it also provides stats and other services that equals if not surpases’s services. But most importatnly, we all know how reliable Google is!

I’d personally will still use and for stats! Why? Simply because is shorter and has a simple basic HTML site! As for, it doesn’t force us to have an account to see the stats! Yes, in order to see the history of your Goog.le shortened link, you’ll have to log in :S

Enjoy shorting links 🙂

Further details click here

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