Another Blender open movie got released, Sintel!

The Blender foundation has recently released their latest Blender open movie project, Sintel! I actually have been waiting for its release since they started working on it, May 2009!

Like always, it’s a 15 minutes movie, but really enjoyable! I’d have to say Sintel’s CGI has surpassed Big Buck Bunny’s, especially when it comes to textures! They’ve really done a great job this time, providing an interesting story and excellent graphics!

The movie, of course, is free of charge! Go download it! They provide the movie as .divx, .mp4, and .ogv! Some people may not want to download it so they’ve put it on YouTube! (240p/360p/480p/720p/1080p/original)

In case if you have missed the previous open movies, go watch them!


2 thoughts on “Another Blender open movie got released, Sintel!

  1. Honest to God all the programs that were mentioned in the making of this movie needs to be recognized by big corporates. Simply because these opensource graphic softwares are equivalent to their media standards.

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