ASUS eeeTablet: Hold me back before I order one!

Call me Microsoft Fanboy (When someone does, I actually take it as a compliment :P), but this is a kickass tablet!

First, I’ll leave you with this short YouTUBE vid.

Two things we learn from that video:
Graphics should be ass kicker because the guy was playing a real video games (Not a stripped down tablet\phone version of a game) and that cute little girl is an artist (That if she actually doodled all over the walls… I want two of her to do the walls in my house :P)

Now, specs:

Display 12.1” 1280 x 800
CPU/GPU Core i5 with integrated HD graphics
Storage 32GB or 64GB Solid State Drive
Webcam 2.0MP
OS Windows 7 Home Premium
Wireless Wi-Fi B/G/N, Bluetooth
Ports Mini HDMI, 2 USB, 2-in-1 Audio Jack, Card Reader, Mic, Stereo Speakers
Battery 3+ hours; slim profile power supply
Size/ Weight 12.28 x 8.15 x .66 inches; 2.53 lbs.

Now, I’m quite sure someone will buy it and erase Windows 7 from existence and install Ubuntu (Or maybe Android too) and rock with it. But let’s take it in a general side; it’s technically a laptop in a tablet.
Long story short, I can run Photoshop in it and edit photos on the go, sort of heavy audio manipulation softwares, videogames and just any software and should run good just like running it on a laptop, but on a tablet!

Android and iPad tablets runs better and faster? Well, the OSes, apps and excuses of games there are skinned compared to the fat-with-features Windows\Ubuntu based real softwares and games. And you’re not limited to whatever App store; you can download it just like any other laptop and install it straight up. If not, just write your own!

I am seriously in love with this that I might pre-order one.

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