X-CITE Spelling fail

Dear X-CITE Al-Ghanim,

Please review your stickers and price tags for typos and spelling violations (Yes, violations… More than just a mistake) before you approve and show them to public.

Someone who walked in X-CITE Avenues for a spin and got out with a laugh (Not because my friends made a racist joke… It helped to bring the laugh louder, but not because of that alone :P)

I gotta say I’m not Mr. Perfect in English neither any good (Well, compared to some of my friends anyway). But I do tend to fix mistakes and try to improve.

يخرب بيتي حدّي شمّات xD
أنا شغلي كله ابل بأبل … وهذا سوبر ماريو رفيجي

3 thoughts on “X-CITE Spelling fail

  1. you’re not being Shammat, i think it’s unforgivable mistake when it comes to Xcite Al Ghanim..If that was a mistake from some shop in Bin Khaldoun Street i would’ve let it go.

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