So yea, Android’s browser is faster than iPhone’s browser… Hmmmm…

This is pretty interesting… I wonder if someone will make WP7 IE vs Android browser vs iPhone Safari (Which I’m pretty sure IE would drop xD)

According to GIZMODO, Android scores way better than iPhone browser-wise. In fact, they even score better in browsing improvements even when the OS have been upgraded.

Numbers? You got it.

Android phones scored 2.1 seconds loading pages while iPhone scored 3.2 seconds.
Android scored 2.37 seconds in v2.2 while it scored 2.14 seconds in v2.2.
iPhone scored 3.18 seconds in v4.2 while it scored 3.25 in v4.3 (Isn’t it supposed to go better?)

Well, check out the source and please correct my wrong about the iPhone 4.2 to iPhone 4.3 gain is false…


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