Silent Surfing

Are you tired of trying to access many of the websites on the net but you soon find out that they are randomly blocked by the Ministry of Communication? Don’t feel like taking the extra click to look for a working proxy? Are you worried about someone knowing your location or identity? Well your online worrying days are over. Not to long ago I stumbled on this neat doohickey program called Real Hide IP. Basically what the program does is that it hides your IP (literally).You’re probably thinking, “So what can it do for me?” Well here are some key points on this program.

  • It hides your real IP address
  • Allows you to surf the web anonymously
  • Protects your identity against hackers
  • Un-ban yourself from restricted websites
  • Prevent websites from tracking your online activities

Sounds too good to be true but the question is, will it work?! I tried it myself and I can safely say that it works wonders! I can easily surf streaming TV show sites, porn… I mean CNN, Skype, torrents and etc that are being stupendously blocked by the Ministry of Communication with a mere click of a button. This program works a lot better than those free anonymous surfing website like or

I honestly believe that the internet should be an open medium for everyone and that it should never be blocked. If however a person wants to filter out bad internet contents just so his family can use his or the “house” computer then that person should take responsibility in placing parental control security on the computer. It only takes couple of clicks people and the parental security works a hell lot better than the Ministry of Communication random out of control blocking. And if you believe that they have blocked a good resourceful website by mistake, good luck in reaching your voice to them.

For some reason the logo of Real Hide IP reminds me of Inspector Gadget or Q from Street Fighter Third Strike.

Link: Real Hide IP

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