Pontiac Trans 1980

So I passed by Gulf Street where I noticed this silver Pontiac Trans parking at “Al-Theyafa Village”…

I had to do two long U-Turns just to be there, wait for around 30 minutes for its owner to arrive and ask him to allow me have my fun taking pictures of it. He kindly agreed.

So things weren’t in my favor because the sky was boring and all, but couldn’t resist what I’ve seen there… Long story short, I came up with two pictures…


Pontiac Trans 1980

And this Fake HDR:

Pontiac Trans 1980

I hope you liek =D …

You can always see the rest of my photos in here.

2 thoughts on “Pontiac Trans 1980

  1. mashallah…your pictures as great as ever, they never failed to amaze me.
    btw are these also from ur DSLR ?!?

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