XBox360 beats PS3 weekly sales in Japan!!!

This is disturbing (well for me… I know its a good thing for alot of XBox360 fans)

For some reason, XBox360 had more weekly sales than PS3 two weeks ago by selling 28,116 units of the Xbox360 in the week ended August 10, while PS3 sold 10,705 units of the PS3, driven by the August 7… Thats an over kill…

But hey, Nintendo Wii still beats the crap outta both of’em by selling 41,044 units dated at August 14.

I’m not filling in alot of details, so Click here to visit the REUTERS article.

4 thoughts on “XBox360 beats PS3 weekly sales in Japan!!!

  1. Japanese gamers love their RPGs. Probably for the first time in Japan people were lining up for an XBox360 game release and stores were running out of consoles to sell, and all this is thanks to the exclusive release of “Tales of Vesperia”. I think this is the closest the gaming world has ever been to the proverbial “hell freezing over”!

  2. good thing i’m not that of an rpg guy… my loyalty stans for ps3… i shall get one soon… soon…

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